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In recent years, environmental awareness has gradually been valued by everyone. In order to reduce the garbage produced by disposable tableware

The canvas bag pocket is also specially used on the package, which is more convenient to carry!!
The glass straw material has passed the ISO safety certification of heat and acid resistance, and the 14mm diameter straw is no problem!

/ Size, size, size, weight /
The thick straw is 20 cm high and the diameter is 1.3cm.
Fine straw 20.5cm high and 0.8cm round diameter

Quantity: straw2, brush1, cloth cover *1

/ Material /
Manual boron glass straw
Heat resistant to 120 degrees °C

/ Packaging /
Canvas bag +opp bag

/ Use and maintenance methods /
Do not put in the microwave and dishwasher.
Avoid using corrosive cleaners.

/ Notes /
Each piece is a hand-shaped glass product.
Such as a few manual traces and bubbles is normal ^^
The color of the product is mainly based on the actual product, and the web page display color difference is for reference only.

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