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GQOG stands for Gaining Quality Living through Giving.

GQOG Lifestyle is a Quality Living Platform established in 2019. We offer Quality-Oriented homewares and home accessories for our customers. We partner with local brands from Taiwan and Hong Kong. There are story, culture and unique value behind each brand, providing a featured experience which you cannot get from the typical chain stores.

We are happy to explore different opportunities for cooperation, please feel free to contact us at:


● To be everyone’s Quality Living platform, creating Sustainable Social Value

● To Leave No One Behind



● To enhance Quality Living experience for everyone

● To Gain Quality Living through Giving

● To promote the concept of Social Business and Sustainable Development


By enhancing your quality living through GQOG Lifestyle platform, at the same time, you are improving the quality living for the poverty and inequality. 5% - 10% extracted directly from each transaction will be donated to selected Charities, this action is done before evaluating the profit and loss. This is a totally different concept with corporate social responsibility practice. Definitely, You will gain even more than the quality living experience through the giving, through helping others.

At the same time, GQOG Lifestyle is promoting the business model of social business. This is a hybrid model between traditional profit maximising business and traditional charity/NGO, in which not dominated exclusively by profit making motive, but also not willing to forgo financial autonomy in pursuit of social or environmental mission, ensuring the sustainability for the business in order to achieve the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by all United Nations Member.


Everyone deserves Quality Living!

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