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WOO Collective

The utensils we use reflect the lifestyle and culture of our generation. Woo Collective draws upon a grand tradition of quality Taiwanese craftsmanship to create a line of beautiful and functional home goods imbued with a fresh new perspective.


The delicate and sophisticated art of working with tin has a strong place in Asian culture, with tin objects representing good fortune as part of Chinese custom.


By using techniques that celebrate the natural textures of the raw materials, Woo Collective respects the spirit of Asian simplicity, creating designs that add a touch of poetry to your day-to-day life.


Tin: A Non-toxic Metal that Purify Water

Because tin does not easily oxidize, it is often used in the production of utensils designed to hold food and drink. As far back as the days of ancient China, tin products have been recognized as utensils that "make the wine finer, water clearer, tea more aromatic, and flowers last longer."

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The Touch and The Memory

We all have memories for things like a wooden table under the sunshine and the cotton sheet of a soft bed. Embodying the touch of wood and fabric textures, Woo Collective prints these beautiful memories onto its tin products for daily use.

Traditional Craft and New Design

Woo Collective crafts products in unique ways of replicating the wood and fabric textures on tin wares and exclusively uses incense coloring technic to make every product unique and unduplicated.

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