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Premium Style


A Sensory Adventure

The KEF Music Gallery in Central, Hong Kong elevates the showroom to another dimension.


In an atmosphere reminiscent of an exclusive private club, guests are invited to leave the real world outside and immerse themselves in music and art.


Innovation, our inspiration

Innovation is what sets KEF apart. The results are plain for all to see… and hear.

Raymond Cooke OBE was a music lover and a deeply practical man. In 1961, keen to experiment with new materials and technologies in order to create products that delivered a superior acoustic performance, he launched his fledgling company on a foundation of quality engineering with a vision that has ensured its continued success to the present day.

LS50 Wireless

KEF was one of the originators of the British hi-fi industry, and right from the start took a pioneering approach to loudspeaker design. KEF spearheaded the use of synthetic materials for diaphragms and driver surrounds and was the first company to use the power of computers in loudspeaker testing and design.

Now in its sixth decade, KEF continues to develop class-leading products at its R&D and engineering base in Maidstone, Kent. Thanks to continued innovation and an ever-growing portfolio of cutting-edge, high-performance products, KEF retains its reputation as the choice of the discerning audiophile.

KEF was built on innovation, and innovation remains at the heart of everything it does.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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