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We believe, ceramics have lives if we use them.

Our ceramic shop, FLOWplus was opened in 2014 at PMQ, a creative hub in the heart of Hong Kong, providing handmade tableware by ceramic artist, Yokky Wong. Our aim is for our tableware to be used by everyone in their daily lives and enjoy art and design. We also supply custom-made tableware for numerous top restaurants and hotels across the city.


Savouring the endearing details of the dinner table

Inherent in memory is its own destruction.

To savour a scene is to think that what you recall was all;

But that left out is far more than that remembered.


Through the feel of clay, the lustre of glaze, the contours of tableware,

FLOW+ Living pieces inspire seasonal eating and a deeper exploration of what we eat, evoking the delight of nature brought to the dinner table.
We hope to refresh your dining with endearing details, bringing out the vibrancy of the precious that has been dulled by routine; overlooked in the ceaseless flow of life.

FlowplusLiving tableware

A bowl of food enjoyed with loved ones offers more than an exhilaration of taste.
This bowl holds the depth of relationship, maintains the thickness of bonds, and emanates warmth of the heart.


Each fleeting moment one wishes to keep remains unforgotten,

As if an outstretched fist caught a droplet before it slipped away, and placed it into a pool of memories,

Merely waiting to be recalled and savoured.

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