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Limited Edition: 相逢 Cracked – Vase

Limited Edition: 相逢 Cracked – Vase

SKU: FP008

My cracks are my strength.
My smoke-blackened chars are my appeal.
You can see it all – the lacing of my cracks, the sooty remains of my walk through
And you can see that my strength and beauty comes from that boldness to put
down the past for the sake of surpassing, and surprising, myself with the future.



Large: 10ccmD x 21cmH HK$580

Medium: 11cmD x 11cmH HK$680

Small: 9cmD x 10cmH HK$1,400

Handmade in Hong Kong

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    Large: HK$70

    Medium: HK$35

    Small: HK$30