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Langyun Wine Needle (11.8cm) Portable Version  with leather hardcover

Langyun Wine Needle (11.8cm) Portable Version with leather hardcover

SKU: WC009

Compared to the commercial wine, the waiter is only effective for red wine, and the principle is to increase the oxidation of contact with the air, we started to develop modeling can induce the effect of sobering, and the use of "pure tin" made of tin , For all kinds of wine, in addition to the effectiveness of contact with red wine and air, there are clean water quality, so that wine is more intense, more smooth taste effect. For Taiwan's wine tasting culture to bring new options.


Five characteristics
Features one: to enhance the mellow taste and level, for all kinds of wine
Features two: spiral waves cloud design, practical oriental home aesthetics
Three characteristics: nine processes, hand-made fine grinding made perfect
Features four: purification of water, antibacterial and difficult to oxidation
Features five: the use of pure tin manufacturing, safe non-toxic

Woo Collection of the tin design unique style, the integration of oriental style and modern minimalist design, through the five senses so that you can taste the taste of life in a sense of warmth.



• The leather in the picture is a proof product, the color and the product may be slightly different, will be the main product.


Instructions for use

Only need to wait in the wine 1-2 minutes, without stirring, you can enjoy the sense of awakening.


Product specifications

• Contents: Alcohol needle single, waxed cotton rope, tin ring, holster
• Size: Ø1.7 X H11.8 cm
• Material: tin
• Temperature: -5 ℃ to 160 ℃
• Design: Taiwan
• Manufacturing: Made in Taiwan
• This product is inspected by SGS European Union Metal Food

preservation method

• Use a diluted dishwashing when cleaning, gently scrub with your finger along the texture, be sure to dry and avoid leaving the water mark.
• Please regularly clean or use flannel to wipe the fingerprints and other oil pollution, to keep the luster.
• Tin is a highly resilient soft metal that, after long term use, leaves traces on the surface of the tin as normal.
• Do not use hard objects to brush or press hard to prevent deformation.
• Do not place in the freezer and avoid contact with direct fire.
• Avoid placing the tin at temperatures below -5 ° C or at temperatures above 160 ° C.
• Avoid contact with chemical acid to avoid discoloration.
• Pure tin products are not exposed to long-term use in the air, resulting in a slight oxidation of normal, does not affect the normal use.

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