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Ice Rock Wine (11.8cm) needle Portable Version  with leather hardcover

Ice Rock Wine (11.8cm) needle Portable Version with leather hardcover

SKU: WC013

• Exclusive tin wines - mellow taste level
• Hollow carved form - large awakening area
• Stand-on design - art on the table
• Crystallization of six recesses - exclusive smell of wine



• The leather in the picture is a proof product, the color and the product may be slightly different, will be the main product.


Product specifications

• Contents: Alcohol needle single, waxed cotton rope, tin ring, holster
• Size: Ø2.5 X H11.8 cm
• Material: tin
• Temperature: -5 ℃ to 160 ℃
• Design: Taiwan
• Manufacturing: Made in Taiwan
• This product is inspected by SGS European Union Metal Food


preservation method

• Use a diluted dishwashing when cleaning, gently scrub with your finger along the texture, be sure to dry and avoid leaving the water mark.
• Please regularly clean or use flannel to wipe the fingerprints and other oil pollution, to keep the luster.
• Tin is a highly resilient soft metal that, after long term use, leaves traces on the surface of the tin as normal.
• Do not use hard objects to brush or press hard to prevent deformation.
• Do not place in the freezer and avoid contact with direct fire.
• Avoid placing the tin at temperatures below -5 ° C or at temperatures above 160 ° C.
• Avoid contact with chemical acid to avoid discoloration.
• Pure tin products are not exposed to long-term use in the air, resulting in a slight oxidation of normal, does not affect the normal use.


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