GEESAA Coffee Dancer (black)

GEESAA Coffee Dancer (black)

SKU: GE002

Meet GEESAA, a smart pour-over coffee maker that brings together the expertise of baristas with the convenience and flexibility of an automatic coffee maker. 


Designed with a spinning arm to replicate the ideal hand-pouring technique, GEESAA delivers an even, precise and consistent brew, letting you enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee whenever you like!  


Made for all coffee lovers, GEESAA features a range of fully-customizable parameters and a selection of top-quality, built-in recipes created by baristas. So no matter your skill level, you will be able to enjoy a cup of pour-over coffee that tastes like it’s been made by a professional!


Dimensions (mm) W312.5 D215 H290

Weight(g) 3900

Water(ml) 650

Voltage (Volts) AC100-120 or AC200-240

Power (Watts) 780

Connectivity WiFi/NFC (Only in Standard +NFC)

Recipe Built-in/App/NFC (Only in Standard +NFC)

Water Temperature Range 75-96°C 

Water Flow Rate 1CC-8CC per second

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