Christmas - Santa Claus Double 聖誕系列-聖誕老公公雙層玻璃杯

Christmas - Santa Claus Double 聖誕系列-聖誕老公公雙層玻璃杯

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[Christmas decoration is not the same]

Christmas series products are loved by everyone.


The new collection is hand-made by professional.


This time we will increase the value of our products.


[Christmas "new" show]

-Thermoplastic Glass & Double Glass Blowing

Exclusive dual craft combinationThis year's Christmas series new big revisionThe four Christmas series double-layer cups are decorated with thermoplastic glass techniques.Increase the overall visual feast


Simple and clear shape with traditional craftsmanship
We look forward to presenting more complete and refined products to everyone.

[Christmas "new" show four-piece group]

Christmas series launched a four-inclusive combination
Get a Christmas gift and bring home the Christmas series double-glazed glass!
Waiting slowly, not as good as once!!!!!!!
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/ Size, size, size, weight /

Santa Claus double glass
9X9X height 9.5cm
Capacity: 180ml
Quantity: 1

/ Material /
Handmade boron glass
Heat resistant to 120 degrees °C

/ Packaging /
General carton packaging

/ Use and maintenance methods /
Do not put in the microwave and dishwasher.
Avoid using corrosive cleaners.

/ Notes /
Each piece is a hand-shaped glass.
Such as a few manual traces and bubbles is normal ^^


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