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Langyun Wine Ball (with BOHEMIA bottle)

Langyun Wine Ball (with BOHEMIA bottle)

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Compared to commercially available wine tasting, wine decanters only effective, and increased oxidative principles are all in contact with air, we set out to induce more sobering effect on the development of modeling and the use of "pure tin" tin timber wine is made Langyun for all types of wines, in addition to utility for the wine in contact with air, there purify water, make wine more intense taste smoother effect. Taiwanese culture for the tasting of new options.


Five Features
Features one: to enhance the mellow taste and level for all kinds of wines
Features two: spiral Langyun design and practical oriental aesthetics home
Features three: nine steps, hand finishing fine grinding makes perfect
Features four: water purification, antibacterial and easily oxidized
Features five: pure tin manufacturing, safe non-toxic


Instructions for use
Just to stand in the wine 1-2 minutes, without stirring, to enjoy the ultra-awakening sense of wine.

Wine needle size: Ø2 X H17.5 CM

Woo Collection tin was unique design style, blending oriental style and modern minimalist design, through the five senses so you can thin taste of life in the warm feeling.


Tin cleaning and maintenance
1. Clean using a dilute dish detergent, the texture along with the pulp gently scrub.
2. Periodically clean cloth to remove fingerprints or oil contamination, etc., in order to preserve their luster.
3. Strong tin of soft ductile metal, long-term use and leave marks on the surface of tin is normal.
4. Do not use a hard object or pinch force brushing pressure to prevent deformation.
5. Do not place in the freezer, and avoid contact with direct fire.
6. Avoid tin placed less -5 ℃, or 160 ℃ above the high temperature.
7. Avoid contact with acidic substances (vinegar) to avoid discoloration.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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