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LALA Double 拉拉雙層杯

LALA Double 拉拉雙層杯

SKU: GO015

The Animal Series Double Cup is a masterpiece of Goodglas and will continue to capture your dining table, desk


Double insulation, ice insulation, high temperature resistance, practicality for good grip,
With cute and healing shapes



/ Size, specifications, size, weight /
9X9X 9cm in height
Capacity: 200ml
Quantity: 1

/ Material /
Handmade boron glass
Heat-resistant to 120 ° C
Full clear glass

/ Packaging /
General carton packaging

/ Use and maintenance methods /
Do not put in microwaves and dishwashers.
Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents.

/ Remarks /
Each one is a hand-shaped glass,
Some traces of handwork and bubbles are normal ^^
The color of the product is based on the actual product. The color difference displayed on the webpage is for reference only.

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